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Do Ageless Master Oscillators Models 8194 and 8195 Require Preventive Maintenance?


Do Ageless Master Oscillators Require Preventive Maintenance?


Ageless Master Oscillators do not normally require any adjustments or calibrations. These include the models 8194 and 8195, (including A and B versions).
Some units had the ability to be equipped with a battery option (option 02) so the unit would reacquire sync after a power failure faster than a normal power-up. The battery will eventually need replacement. This sealed lead acid battery usually lasts 3 to 5 years. An aging battery will eventually fail the daily battery test, causing a “Replace Battery” indication and alarm. The battery replacement is described in section 6.2 of the manual.
The internal OCXO Quartz oscillator adjusts to the GPS external reference but could "age" outside of its adjustment range after many (5 to 10) years of operation.  The oscillator may drift to the point where it needs internal adjustment. The unit will provide a warning as it is reaching the end of its adjustment range with an “Adjust Oscillator” alarm. The oscillator can be calibrated by returning it to Spectracom. If you have a really good frequency counter locked to a GPS or Cesium source, you can adjust it yourself. This is described in section 6.3 of the manual.

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