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Do I need an update when replacing a smart antenna for my TSAT or TSync?


Do I need an update when replacing a smart antenna for my TSAT or TSync?


This article applies to bus-level timing boards that utilize an external GPS/GNSS antenna-receiver combination.

Spectracom bus-level timing boards can be synchronized via global navigation satellite signals. In 2014, a design update included a new antenna-receiver, Trimble's Accutime GG, which replaced the end of life Accutime Gold. When replacing an antenna-receiver for a Spectracom timing board manufactured prior to 2014 with the current Accutime GG, use these guidelines as the antenna-receiver may require an update to the board's firmware. Contact the factory to determine if a board manufactured in 2014 requires the update. Any board manufactured in 2015 or later will be compatible.  

In all cases, the Accutime GG is programmed specifically for the Spectracom model it is intended for so the model must be known when placing an order for a replacement antenna.

TSAT-PCI-U-2TSAT-PCI-66U, or TSAT-PC104: requires an EPROM update for any unit manufactured before 2014 - return to the factory or consider replacing the board with a newer one. May require an update if manufactured in 2014 (contact factory). You can determine if an update required by checking the firmware version via the driver. Any version before 2.11 (July 30, 2014) requires an update.

TSyncE-PCIe or TSync-PCIe-0Y2 (any model that ends in '2'): requires an update to at least version 2.2 firmware. This update can be applied in the field via the Spectracom driver.

TSAT-cPCI or TSAT-PMC: no action required - the new antenna-receiver is compatible with the hardware design of any fielded unit.

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