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"No Licenses" displayed on the front panel LCD


Why is the "Licenses" menu on the front panel LCD showing "No Licenses" installed? Does this indicate a problem with the time server?


"No Licenses" is a normal indication and does not mean there is a problem with the time server.

“Licenses” is a capability that was implemented in SecureSync software (starting in Archive software version 5.0.0) in order to support the future ability to enable tracking Glonass and other satellite systems, or to be able to enable other feature enhancements by installing a "license file" in the field.

As of January 2014, this "License" file capability has not yet started to be used.  In the near future, the NTP servers will be able to be purchased with GLONASS Satellite tracking enabled.  Or for a cost, fielded NTP servers will be able to be retrofitted at the factory with a different GNSS receiver which allows the NTP server to be able to track GLONASS and/or GPS satellites. 

Unless Glonass or other satellite system is enabled at the time of equipment purchase, or unless a License file is installed, “No Licenses” will be displayed when looking at the “Licenses” menu on the front panel LCD (as shown below).

      no licenses

Please contact Spectracom Sales or your dealer for more information about the GNSS receiver feature upgrade.

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