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List of NTP clients getting time from the NTP server


How do I know which NTP clients are obtaining time from my NTP server?


Starting in Archive software version 5.1.0, the web browser will list NTP clients on the network that have obtained time from the NTP server.

If the Archive software is version 5.1.0 or higher, to see the NTP clients that have requested NTP time stamps from the NTP server, open the web browser and navigate to the Management -> NTP Setup page.  In the upper-left  corner of the browser, select "View NTP Clients".   A separate window like the screenshot below will open:

NTP Client list

This list reports the NTP clients (up to about 600 NTP clients maximum. Note this table does not list other NTP Peers that are getting time from this NTP server, just NTP clients) that have requested time stamps, how may NTP requests each client has sent to this time server and how often each client is sending a time request. 

The search field at the top of the window allows you to be able to search to see if  a particular client is in this list 9it searches for "any part" of the field).  If the NTP client hasn't requested time from this NTP server yet or is not configured to get time from this NTP server, the search field will return the following message:
No NTP clients found

Clearing the NTP client list
The list of NTP clients does not persist through system reboots or NTP restarting.  it resets after rebooting or restarting NTP.  To reset this list, either reboot the NTP server or stop/restart NTP.

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