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Maximum Tolerated Voltage to be Applied to Channels A & B of CNT90/91


what is the maximum tolerated voltage that can be applied to CNT90/CNT91 measurement channels A & B ?


The maximum tolerated voltage depends on the
  • The selected impedance
  • The selected attenuation
It mostly doesn’t depend on signal frequency.
At 50 ohms impedance setting : max voltage is 12 Vrms with attenuation x1, and 120 Vrms with attenuation x10
At 1 Mohms impedance setting :  max voltage is 30 V with attenuation x1, and 350 V (DC + AC coupling) with attenuation x10
Changing from 1 Mohms impedance to 50 ohms when voltage is over 12 Vrms will damage the unit.
Note that voltage measurement is limited to -50, +50 V (Vpp, Vmin, Vmax).
Applying a signal outside of above specifications on channels A & B voids the warranty.

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