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NTP Throughput


Can each Ethernet interface on the time server provide the maximum throughput?


These time servers have been tested for maximum NTP loading as measured as the number of requests responded to every second. Results published in Technical note TN19-101 indicate the NTP throughput is over 7,500 requests per second. However, since there is only one processor managing NTP functions per unit, the total NTP bandwidth is not dependent on the number of network interfaces. For instance, when the Model 1204-06 Gigabit Option Card is installed adding 3 additional GbE network ports to the built-in 10/100 MB port, the maximum loading for the unit does not change. It is also not dependent upon whether the port is 10/100MB or 10/100/1000MB.
If all NTP requests are sent to one network port, either Eth0 or any of the other three network interfaces on the Gb Ethernet card (Eth1, Eth2 or Eth3) , the max load is over 7,500 requests per second.  However, if NTP requests are being sent to more than one port, the sum of the requests on all ports and would be subject to the same limit.

Example: If in the same second, 4,000 NTP requests are sent to one of the port, the remaining ports can then respond to about 3,500 NTP requests during the same second.


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