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Path Align-R Adapters


What adapter do I need for the Path Align-R?


The adapter connects the antenna to the coax cable going to the Path Align-R.

Most microwave antennas use a waveguide connection. The frequency of the antenna determines what size waveguide is used. There are different flanges available for various waveguides and antennas. We offer adapters for some of the common waveguides and flanges in the frequency bands covered by the Path Align-R.

The particular adapter needed will depend upon the frequency and antenna being used.

There are also ODUs (Out Door Units) that mount directly to the back of the antenna. In order to align these antennas the ODU must be removed so there is access directly to the antenna. A radio specific, special ODU adapter is connected to the antenna to allow path alignment. We offer ODU adapters for the popular Ceregon and Dragonwave ODUs.

Learn more about our waveguide adapters and ODU adapters from the Path Align-R acccessories datasheet.

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