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Path Loss Reading on Path Align-R


What reading should I get on my Path Align-R?


Use the Path Loss Calculator to find the expected path loss.

Path Loss & Fresnel Calculator

A path loss and Fresnel clearance calculator that runs as a Windows application (requires DotNet framework that will be installed automatically if necessary). It will calculate free-space path loss, antenna gain, beam width, RSL, Fresnel clearance, etc. of a microwave path in both English and metric units. Useful for estimating expected path loss when doing antenna path alignment and installation of microwave links and verifying actual measured values with the Path Align-R against calculated expectations.

Download Path Loss & Fresnel Calculator

Note that the RSL calculated by the Path Loss Calculator may differ from that calculated during the planning for the path. The Path Align-R power output is 0dbm nominal. This is typically 20-30db less than the radios that will transmit on the path.

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