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Replacement Power Pack for Model 9388


I need a new power supply for an NTP time server Model 9388. How can I obtain a replacement?


The Spectracom NTP servers use an external 12vdc power pack for its input power.  The front panel "Power" LED will illuminate as long as 5vdc is present, but it doesn’t indicate if the full 12vdc (or 24vdc) required for normal operation is present.  If the input voltage from this external power pack is low, the unit will be unable to operate, but the "Power" LED may still be lit.  A flashing "Power" LED likely indicates the 5vdc is right on the edge.

To determine if the power pack is the reason for the failure symptom, using a voltmeter, I recommend that you measure the output voltage of the power pack.  Preferably, the power pack should be measured with it connected to the back of the NTP time server. The output voltage of the power pack should remain at about 12vdc whether or not it is connected to the back of the NTP time server.  A low voltage output indicates the power pack is bad and needs to be replaced.

The Model 9388 NTP servers have a terminal block DC input connector. This connector has a small screw on top to hold each wire in the connector. To measure the output voltage of the external power pack under load, simply place the meter leads across these two screws (polarity doesn’t matter).  If the voltage is dropping below about 11vdc in either test, the power pack needs to be replaced.
The warranty period for the Model 9388 power pack is 2 years from the NTP server’s date of purchase.  If you find the output voltage of the power pack is less than about 12vdc and the time server is more than two years old, replacement power packs can be purchased through our Order Admin department.
To order a replacement power pack, please contact our Sales Department.The Spectracom Part Number for the replacement 12vdc power supply for the Model 9388 is 1165-0000-0701. 

If you aren’t sure when the equipment was purchased, just let us know the Serial Number of this unit from the Serial Number tag on the bottom of the unit.  We can look up the purchase date for you.

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