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Reported CPU usage


With the software upgrade to version 5.x.x, we are seeing CPU load at 90%, Is this a normal condition for 5.x.x?


The reported processor usage for the processor that can report this information (the one for the Operating System) is normally running at about 90%.   But the NTP server is an embedded system with the reported usage being from the “outward” processor and not the one that runs the majority of functions inside the unit. 
The “outward” processor that can report usage is just for the OS, including the web browser functionality and the daemons that are running.   The rest of the core functionality of the NTP server (such as inputs/outputs, Option Cards, etc) is all controlled by a separate processor that doesn’t report its usage.

If you have several users logged into the web browser at the same time, the reported usage will increase. But this doesn’t affect the other processor that is running everything else.  If you want to minimize the reported usage of the OS Micro, we just recommend minimizing the number of users simultaneously logged into the web browser.

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