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SNMP MIB files for the SecureSync


How can I obtain the SNMP MIB files for the SecureSync?


SecureSync's SNMP MIB files for monitoring this product can be either extracted out of the SecureSync or we can supply them to you. 

Note that in some cases, the MIB files are software version dependent.

The applicable MIB files are stored in the “Home/Spectracom/mibs” directory.  To extract the SNMP MIB files out of the SecureSync, connect using either FTP or SCP. Then browse to this location and transfer them to your PC.

Here is a link to where you can download a zipped file containing the standard and custom MIB files.  Also included in this zipped file is an SNMP Tech Note that discusses the SNMP functionality of the SecureSync and an Excel spreadsheet indicating many of the associated SNMP objects. You will likely find these two additional documents very helpful.


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