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Skylight SecureSync software update to versions newer than 4.7L


Can the Skylight SecureSync software be updated to versions newer than 4.7L?


Skylight SecureSyncs with version 4.7L software installed at the factory have a special Model GPS receiver installed that is not the same as non-Skylight SecureSyncs have installed. This special Model receiver was used in earlier Skylights for its increased sensitivity specs with weaker GPS signals. This Model GPS receiver is only compatible with changes that were specifically incorporated in the version 4.7L software release. Updating this software to versions newer than 4.7L with this particular receiver installed will break the communications between the SecureSync and its GPS receiver. This is why the Skylight software version 4.7L cannot be updated.

Spectracom has since changed the GPS receiver Model that is being installed in all SecureSyncs. This newer GNSS (GPS/Glonass capable) receiver has similar sensitivity specs as the receiver that was being installed in earlier Skylight SecureSyncs. If the installed GPS receiver in the Skylight Securesync is upgraded at the factory to this newer Model GNSS receiver and a special license key is installed, the Skylight SecureSync is then compatible with/can be updated with all standard, current and future SecureSync software updates that may be released (it is no longer limited to version 4.7L software).

The retrofitting of the GNSS receiver in the SecureSync (no changes are necessary for the Skylight antenna) needs to be performed at a Spectracom facility. Please contact Spectracom Tech Support for the nominal costs to have the SecureSync GPS receiver replaced, the license file installed and the software updated to the latest version.

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