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Skylight SecureSync A-GPS (Assisted GPS)


How do I set up the A-GPS function in the web browser for use with skylight (applicable to Archive software version 4.7L only)


Skylight SecureSyncs with archive software version 4.7L installed have three additional tabs in the Setup -> Inputs -> GPS page of the browser that are not included with the standard SecureSync.  These are for "A-GPS" (Assisted GPS)  operation and include the "A-GPS", "Client Key" and "Server Keys"  tabs.

The first 2 tabs ("General" and "Position")  have the same content as the standard SecureSync.  Below is a screenshot of the Setup -> Inputs -> GPS page of the browser when it is first opened:

User-added image

There are four different modes the SecureSync can be placed into for A-GPS operation, including the following:

  • No A-GPS This mode disables the use of A-GPS for the SecureSync. The SecureSync will be in No A-GPS mode by default  and is used to turn off or disable the A-GPS feature on the SecureSync.
  • Client-SUPL Skylight One can receive A-GPS data as a client to a SUPL server.  A SUPL (Secure User Plane Location) server provides A-GPS data using the SUPL protocol over a network.
  • Client-Peer A Skylight One can also be a client to a second Skylight One configured to be a A-GPS server. The Client-Peer mode is used to configure a SecureSync as a client A-GPS device that can connect to a peer server.
  • Server A SecureSync can be configured as an A-GPS server which provides A-GPS data to other SecureSyncs configured as Client-Peer.
Refer to the "A-GPS" Section of the Skylight user manual for additional information on configuring A-GPS.

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