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Software upgrade for SecureSync or NetClock 9400


How to upgrade a SecureSync or NetClock 9400?


  1. Download the update file from the Spectracom web site.
  2. Login to the unit via a web browser.
  3. Navigate to the Upgrade web page.
  4. Upload the update file by browsing for the file, then upload it to the unit.
  5. Check the following parameters:
    • Verify the desired update file is selected.
    • Check Update System.
    • Check Force Update if you are reinstalling the current version, or downgrading the version. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.
    • Do not check Delete Update File. You can use this function once the update is successfully applied.
    • Check Restore Factory Configuration if desired. This sets all setup parameters back to the as "shipped condition" and deletes all log files.
  6. Select submit.

During the update process, you will see an Upgrade Status including the upgrade states of various subsystems. The full update process takes several minutes to complete (longer if the unit includes one or more PTP option cards). Do not close the web browser or attempte to reboot the unit. The unit will reboot itself.

Reconnecting with the unit will depend on the IP address assignment process. If DHCP is enabled, it is likely the DHCP server to provide a new IP address to the unit. Start a new browser session and login to the unit using its new IP address. If using a static IP address, then you will simply see an upgrade status of Complete.

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