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TimeView Display Clock has Blank or Abnormal Display


Why does the TimeView digital display clock have a blank or abnormal display?


In general, issues with a TimeView display clock can be caused by several factors, including a problem with the NetClock (the reference that provides time data to the display clock), interface wiring issues, a bad display clock itself or a bad display clock power supply. 

If the display digits are dim, blank or the display is abnormal, the external power pack (wall wart) is likely failing.  The display clock troubleshooting document discuses how to verify the output voltage of the power pack to determine if this is the reason for the dim, dark or erratic display (refer to Section 6 for troubleshooting issues with the display intensity/erratic display). Or, if you have more than one display clock at the site, you can also try swapping the external power pack with one of the other clocks to see if the issue follows the questionable power pack.

As mentioned in this document, if you find the power pack is failing, the power packs have a two year warranty.  If you find the power pack voltage is low (either with no load applied or when its plugged into the display clock) and if the clock is more than 2 years old, this document provides contact information to purchase a replacement from us.  If you aren’t sure of the age of the display clock, just let us know the Serial Number of the display clock (as indicated on the rear panel silver Spectracom Serial number tag) and we can look up the age of the clock for you. 

Here is a link to the  troubleshooting guide for the TimeView display clocks.  This guide can be used to help determine why the display clock has a blank or abnormal display.  http://www.spectracomcorp.com/Support/HowCanWeHelpYou/Library/tabid/59/Default.aspx?EntryId=315.

The Spectracom Part Number for the Model TV400W power pack is 1122-0000-0701 and the Part Number for the Model TV210W power pack is 1001-0000-0701. 
Note: Purchases under $750.00 require a credit card authorization, but we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment.
Important Note (as also indicated in the display clock troubleshooting guide): The power packs we provide with the Models TV210W and TV400W display clocks have a regulated 12vdc output. We do not recommend using locally supplied replacement power packs with these display clocks, unless you are certain the power pack’s output is a regulated 12vdc.  Unregulated power packs can exceed 13-14vdc even under load, which can burn-up components inside of the display clock, resulting in the need for a non-warranty repair.

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