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TimeView Digital Display Clock has Blinking Seconds


Why is the seconds portion of the TimeView digital display clock blinking each second?


In general, issues with a TimeView display clock can be caused by several factors, including a problem with the NetClock (the reference that provides time data to the display clock), interface wiring issues, a bad display clock itself or a bad display clock power supply.

With earlier display clock Models 8175 (TV230) and 8177 (TV400), blinking seconds indicate the NetClock is not in sync (the NetClock's front panel "Sync" or "Time Sync" LED is not solid green).  With newer digital display clocks (Models TV10W and TV400W) blinking seconds indicate either the NetClock is not in sync (the NetClock's front panel "Sync" or "Time Sync" LED is not solid green) OR the display clock is not getting any readable RS-485 data from the NetClock's rear panel Remote output port.  The display clock needs a once-per-second ASCII Data Format (either Data Format 0 or 1) broadcast from the NetClock for synchronization.

Here is a link to a troubleshooting guide for the TimeView display clocks.  This guide can be used to help determine why the display clock has flashing seconds. 

NetClock GPS reception troubleshooting
As noted in the display clock troubleshooting guide, if the NetClock does not have a solid green front panel "Sync" or "Time Sync" LED, the NetClock likely has a GPS reception issue, which is causing the seconds portion of the TimeView display clock(s) to blink.    Refer to the applicable reception troubleshooting guide for the NetClock Model installed at the site for more information.  These document can be found on our website.  Please visit: http://www.spectracomcorp.com/Support/HowCanWeHelpYou/Library/tabid/59/Default.aspx?EntryId=315.

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