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TimeView Display Clock is Not Showing All Segments


Why is the TimeView display clock only showing part of the time (some portions of the display are dark)?


If a TimeView display clock has recently been connected to a Spectracom NetClock, and some of the segments aren't lit (such as hours and minutes are displayed but the seconds portion is dark, OR the seconds portion is displayed but the hours and minutes section is dark), the NetClock's Remote output is likely configured to output more than one Data Format.

The NetClock Model 9483 and the SecureSync (if a Model 1204-04 RS-485 output Option Card is installed) can be configured to output more than one Data Format on the Remote output port , as desired.  This function is primarily intended for NMEA Formats (not Formats 0 and 1, which the TimeView display clocks require for synchronization).

if more than one Data Format is selected in the NetClock's Remote output port configuration menu, this can result in abnormal operation of the TimeView's display.

To fix this abnormal display, log in to the NetClock ans access the Remote RS-485 output configuration menu in the web browser.  The First Format should remain set to either "Spectracom Format 0" or "Spectracom Format 1".  The Second and Third Data Format fields should be set to the factory default value of  "None", when the Remote port is connected to one or more TimeView display clocks.  Press Submit and within 30 seconds, the TimeView display clock should display all digits.

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