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Using Automachron to Test a Spectracom NTP Server


How can I verify my Spectracom NTP time server is outputting useable NTP time stamps to the NTP Clients?


Here a document that discusses the use of the Windows-based freeware program called “Automachron” to verify the operation of a Spectracom NTP time server.  The document provides the link to download this free program (it's available from various websites). Note that it can be also be downloaded from the following site, as well:
This available freeware program will allow you to determine if the NTP server is responding to NTP time requests. It will also show whether or not the NTP packets are useable. Install this program on a Windows PC that is networked with the NTP server and this document will explain how to use the program for testing NTP. 

If the NTP server is not operational or if a network issue is blocking the NTP requests (Port 123 is closed), this program will show this. The boxes in the Automachron GUI will only fill-in with data when the NTP server successfully responds to a time request sent from the Automachron PC. 
If the Stratum field shows Stratum "16", the NTP time server is not in sync, which is preventing the NTP clients from being able to sync to the NTP server.

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