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Why Path Align-R Readings May Differ from Installed Radio Readings


Why is the path loss reading on the Path Align-R low compared to the calcuated or radio power meter path loss?


The power output of the Path Align-R is 0 dBm nominal. The output of the installed radios is typically much greater than this.


Free Space loss 120dB
Ant 1 gain 40dBi
Ant 2 gain 40dBi

Path Align-R:

Path Align-R Power: 0dBm
Cable loss on Path Box #1 2.5dB
Cable loss on Path Box #2 2.5dB

Path Align-R would read -120 + 40 + 40 -2.5 -2.5 = approximately 45dB loss

 Installed Radios:

Radio Transmit Power 30dB
Transmission line loss 5dB

Radio would read -120 + 40 + 40 + 30 - 5 =  approximately 15dB loss

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