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Z540 Calibrations


Can Spectracom provide Z540 calibrations?


Spectracom is not a Z540 certified calibration facility.   We cannot provide Z540 calibration services.

Spectracom is ISO-9001 certified and we can calibrate frequency counters and provide before and after manufacturing calibration offset. We can provide a list of the equipment used in the calibration process (which has been calibrated at a lab traceable to NIST).  However , we do not hold any industry calibration accreditations.

For desired Z540 calibrations of Spectracom CNT-9x series frequency counters, you will likely be able to find a local calibration lab that can provide Z540 calibration services. We be happy to email them the calibration procedure and service manual so they can provide this calibration service for you.   

Calibration of the CNT-9x series frequency counters is a "closed-case" calibration that can be performed at any accredited calibration facility.

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