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Interpreting free memory reported in the "top" command for SecureSync and NetClock 9400


The "top" command is showing free memory at about 50MB for a SecureSync or NetClock 9400. Is this a normal condition?


Yes. The free RAM memory for the operating system's processor reported via the "top" command normally runs at about 40 to 60MB with users logged into the web browser.

The “outward” processor that can report its memory usage via the top command is just for the OS, including the web browser functionality and the daemons that are running. The rest of the core functionality of the unit (such as the main timing system, inputs/outputs, option cards, etc) is controlled by separate processors that are not reported its these memory statistics.

If you have several users logged into the web browser at the same time, the reported free memory usage via the top command may decrease (this doesn’t affect any other processor in the system).  40-60 MB is ample free memory for the operating system.  You can minimize the reported memory usage of the OS process by minimizing the number of users simultaneously logged into the web browser.

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