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Web browser is displaying "failed to insert the session"


Why is the web browser displaying "failed to insert the session" after performing a configuration restore?


Due to significant configuration changes between the version 4.8.x series platform and the newer version 5.x platform, there are some incompatibilities between some of the earlier versus new configurations (mapping of old to new configuration files).  The software update process maps the earlier configs to the new files. But when you performed the configuration restore from the earlier settings, this caused an issue with the configs in the version 5.0.1 software update.

For this reason, we recommend only restoring configs from the same version at which the configs were saved (for example, backing up the version 4.8.9 configs and then restoring to version 4.8.9 sometime later).  In some cases, there won’t be any issues with restoring to a different version.  But in this specific instance, it’s not a one to one transition.

In order to restore operation and access to this time server, just perform a “clean” command from the front panel keypad.  This will reset the configurations to the default settings for version 5.0.1 software. Then you can reconfigure the IP address/network settings as desired using the front panel keypad. Below is information on how to perform a clean:
To clean the unit from the front panel Keypad/LCD, go the Home/System/Command menu.  Then, use either the up or down keys until “clean” is displayed. Then, hit the green check key, to select it and then hit it again to apply the command. 
Note: An automatic reboot is performed when performing a clean command.

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