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How to Configure a 5MHz/1PPS Composite Clock Signal

Tutorial Steps

 (1204-17) Square Wave output Option Card


(J1, J2, J3 and J4) square wave outputs (50 ohm)

Purpose: Provides four individually programmable output square-waves (four outputs only- no inputs).
Note: The 1204-17 Option card can generate square wave frequencies up to 10MHz
1204-17  setup for DDM outputs
Connect SecureSync to computer IP port with launched browser and enter correct IP address, username and password
Under “Setup” heading, select “Outputs”
Click on the slot that says “SQUARE WAVE” on the second text line
When the module parameters come up, here are the changes to the defaults:
Output Mode select “Square Wave” as signal type
Output Enable select “Enable”
Period enter “200” (nanoseconds)
Pulse Width (ns) enter “50” (nanoseconds)
On-Time Point Pulse Width (ns) enter ”150” (nanoseconds)
Alignment Count (s) enter “1” (seconds)
Time Alignment select “Enabled”
Repeat for as many outputs as needed
Click on “submit” button at bottom of page 

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