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How to Display GPS Information on the Front Panel

Tutorial Steps

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To view the GPS receiver information in the front panel LCD display window (as shown above):
Press the green check button and then navigate to the “Display” selection. Then using the down arrow key select “GPS INFO” and Apply. Use the red "X" key to back out to the main screen and it will show the GPS information.

GPS signal strengths are usually in the 40 to 50 range with good GPS reception. The scale is from 0 to 55, however if the signal strength drops below around 33, the GPS receiver will disregard the information as not valid because it is too noisy.

For initial installation of the time server: Please note it usually takes about 45 minutes for the unit to sync the first time in a new location. The GPS receiver needs to download data from the satellites and establish a location fix. After this is achieved the unit will sync faster on start-up. The Sync LED on the front panel will turn GREEN when the unit has achieved GPS Lock and Time Sync. The Fault LED will extinguish shortly afterward.


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