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Local Time display in browser

Tutorial Steps

Starting in Archive software version 5.1.2 (released in Feb, 2014) Local Time can also be displayed in the upper-left corner of the web browser, in addition to the UTC time.

UTC and local time display

By factory default, the web browser only displays UTC time. However, if the front panel is configured to use a Local Clock (so that the front panel can also show Local Time), the web browser will also show local time, in addition to displaying  UTC time.

To display Local Time as well as UTC time in the web browser, perform the following:
  1. Navigate to the Management -> Front Panel page of the browser.  
  2. Change the "Timescale/Local Clock" drop-down to the name of an already created  user-configurable Local Clock (such as "Eastern" for example, as shown below):Front panel drop-down
  3. Press either Submit or Apply.
The web browser will now display both UTC and Local Time in the upper-corner. Note that it takes a few seconds after applying/submitting for the screen to refresh, before the change is applied.

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