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Operation of Model 1204-0F Alarm Relay Option Card

Tutorial Steps

Each of the three available relays on the SecureSync Model 1204-0F Option Card can be configured via the web browser to be either a Minor or a Major alarm relay.  The three relays are dry contact closures that can either open or complete a circuit, depending on whether the relay is energized/de-energized and whether the custom alarm circuit is connected to the NO or NC contacts. To use the Model 1204-0F Option Card to provide an audible indication of a Minor or Major alarm being asserted, the SecureSync does not pass or generate an audible tone.  It is just the switch that allows the tone to be generated.  Or for a visible alarm indication, the three relays can allow DC voltage to be routed to the light, when an alarm is asserted.
The best way to think of each of the alarm relays is that they are simply a light switch on the wall. When the switch is off (relay is in one position) the light/buzzer is off.  But if you toggle the switch (relay) to the other position (either a Minor or Major alarm is alarm is asserted), the light/buzzer comes on.  When a Minor or Major Alarm is asserted, the applicable relay(s) switches states. This can then allow a custom circuit to be able to sound an alarm or to illuminate a light, as desired. 
The nominal switch capacity is 30V, 2A (maximums: voltage = 220 VDC, power = 60W, current = 2A). So you can connect any desired audible//visible device or component to this relay that can operate within this rating (Spectracom doesn't make any specific recommendations on what visible or audible alarms to use in conjunction with this Option Card).  Further below is a diagram of ways that a light or buzzer can be connected to any of the three relays on this Option Card.
Note that any necessary wiring, the light/buzzer and the power source (labeled below as “DC Power Supply”) for the light/buzzer is supplied by the customer. “Relay 1”, “Relay 2” and “Relay 3”, in the diagram below represent the three available relays on the Model 1204-0F Option Card.  The three tables on the left provide the pin-outs for each of the relay contact closures.

alarm relays

      Other notes about the Model 1204-0F relays
  1. All relay contacts are labeled as in their de-energized state (power removed or alarm asserted).
  2. The "normal" state of the relays (no alarms asserted) is relays "energized
  3. The applicable relay(s) (Minor or Major, as configured in the browser) is /are de-energized when a Minor or Major alarm is asserted.
  4. Both the Minor and Major alarms are active (relays de-energized and in their alarm state) when input power is removed from SecureSync.
  5. Refer to the SecureSync user manual for information on using the web browser to configure each of the relays as either a Minor alarm relay or a Major alarm relay.

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