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Reset the admin password for NetClock 9200 and 9300

Tutorial Steps

This article applies to NetClock models 9283, 9288, 9289, 9383, 9388, 9389 when the default admin user account was changed and forgotten or deleted.

First, try the factory default value, username = admin and password = admin123

The options for resetting the admin user account depends on the units software version:

  1. Version 3.5.0 or below: you cannot reset the password back to the default value. We can update the units compact flash card at the factory or exchange one with you.
  2. Version 3.6.0 or above: you can reset the password back to the default value through a command line interface via an RS-232 serial connection
Note: If the unit's software version is not known, you can assume version 3.6.0 or above. If you cannot establish a serial connection, then you can assume it is version 3.5.0 of below. 
Procedure for version 3.5.0 or below:
In software versions prior to version 3.6.0, the admin password in 9200 and 9300 NetClock NTP time servers and master clocks cannot be changed or reset back to factory default in the field without knowing the current admin password.  However, the password can be "restored" via the compact flash module. The options are:
  1. Contact tech support to arrange to send the entire unit to us.
  2. Contact tech support so we can authorize you to break the warranty seals in order to remove the compact flash module so you can send it to us. We will restore the admin password and return it to you. The advantage of this method is that you will retain all your user configuration settings and we will provide you the latest software version (same as option #1).
  3. If you can reconfigure your unit, then we can send you a new compact flash module that will restore all settings including the admin password. You will lose any configuration parameters stored in the unit.

Procedure for versions 3.6.0 and above:
With newer software versions, 3.6.0 or above, the login passwords can be reset via an RS-232 command line interface command.  This requires a DB9M to DBF pinned straight-thru serial cable be connected from the rear panel “Serial Setup Interface” connector on the unit to a serial port on a PC running a terminal emulator program. If a serial port is not available, then use a USB to serial adapter. Refer to our document about using HyperTerminal to establish a serial connection via a PC
Note: Be careful with typing commands and arguments to the units command line interface. Typos can cause a full clean/reboot which will erase your configuration settings and restore all factory default settings not just the password. We recommend copy/pasting these values from this article to prevent inadvertently resetting the unit back to factory default settings.
Once connected to the command line interface, login using the username = defaults (all lower-case letters) and the password = M0g2i2r1f6a7T. As long as the software version is 3.6.0 or higher, this will return a command prompt.  At the command prompt, type: Sys reset password <enter>.  You will now be able to login using the default admin username and password. You can change then change access the User Account set-up web page password from the Security menu.

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