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Syncing Domain Controller with PresenTense, Clients with Windows Time

Tutorial Steps

If it's desired to sync only the Windows Domain Controller (DC) using the available PresenTense software, and to sync the rest of the Windows machines using the built-in Windows Time Service (W32Time) instead of installing PresenTense Client on all of the machines, this requires PresenTense Client software (Not PresenTense Server software) be installed on the DC.

In order for the DC to sync to the NTP server using PresenTense software and for it to be able to sync other machines using the Windows Time Service, both Time Services have to be simultaneously running on the DC.  However, the two Time services can't share the same NTP port (123).  In order for the two services to work together, there are configurations in the Advanced Settings tab of the PresenTense Client software running on the DC which need be altered.

To configure the "Advanced Settings" of the PresenTense Client software,  select the "Settings" tab in the PresenTense GUI and then select "Advanced Settings". This will open the menu shown below:

PresenTense Advanced Settings

In the left-side of the  "Windows Time Configuration Settings" section, select "Manual Configuration" and then on the right-side (as shown in the figure further below):

      1)  De-select "Disable Windows Time Service"

      2)  Select both "Set NoSync for Windows Time Service" and "Disable Windows NTP Client Component"

      3)  Press OK.

Advanced Settings

Now that the PresenTense Client software is configured to allow both services to run together, and if you haven't already done so, configure the PresenTense Client software to sync to the desired NTP server(s) on the network. 

  1. In the "Settings" tab, "Reference Time Source" section, select either "SNTP Time Source" or "NTP Time Source"
  2. In the tab with the same name as the one selected, enter the IP address of the NTP server(s) on the network you wish for the DC to sync with.

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