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CNT-9x Firmware Release Notes 1.25

Firmware Version


Firmware Date


New Features

  1. Battery option support added.
  2. Some indicators made smaller in order to fit screen with BOB indicators and measurement function label.
  3. Buffer for raw measurement results is now zeroized at start-up only if *PSC is 1.


  1. Fix for units selection for Power. Sometimes it was not possible to switch between dBm, W and Hz (debug one).
  2. Bug fixed: flashing indicators were flashing over message boxes (e.g. Lim over About box).
  3. Bug fixed: *RST;:INP:LEV <Value> didn’t set trig level to manual mode.
  4. Bug fixed: measuring Freq A after *RST would also provoke measuring volts (auxiliary measurement) if function wasn’t set explicitly before.

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