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CNT-9x Firmware Release Notes 1.26

Firmware Version


Firmware Date


New Features

  1. Cooling fan control has changed in order to make the fan slower/quieter (as compared to V1.25 and before) when temperature inside the cabinet is low or normal.
  2. GPIB bus driver was modified in order to accept the following 3 ways of signaling program message termination (PMT):
  • NL or
  • EOI or
  • NL + EOI
             Before V1.25, EOI was always required. V1.25 required EOI for Native mode, while in Compatible it accepted all 3 PMT-signaling ways described above.
             To overcome problem with binary data, which can hold NL pattern as a data byte the following was changed:
  • *LRN?, :SYSTem:SET commands changed so that they encode NL character in binary data with 2-byte sequence not including NL (transparent to the user).
  • :SYSTem:FIRMware:PREPare command sets a special mode that requires EOI and doesn’t treat NL as PMT (forces the user to use FW Loader V3.03).
  1. Added possibility to save/recall results of measurements (along with instrument settings) to/from flash. The feature is available for Statistics mode only. Up to 8 different datasets can be saved, max 32000 Samples in each.
             Save/Recall menu under User Options is changed correspondingly:
  • Menus related to saving/recalling instrument’s setup are moved to User Options – Save/Recall – Setup sub-menu.
  • User Options – Save/Recall – Dataset sub-menu added with items: Save, Recall and Erase.
  1. SCPI commands added:
:MEMory:DATA:RECord:SAVE <Dataset Number>, [<Label>]
Saves measured data to corresponding dataset. If label (max 6 characters) is not specified then it is assigned automatically (short form of meas func name + channel. For example, for Period Sinagle A it will be “PerA”).
If instruments is not in Hold when this command is sent then Execution Error (-200) is placed to error queue.
If instrument is not in Statistics when this command is sent then Settings Conflict Error (-221) is placed to error queue.
If specified dataset already contains data then Directory Full Error (-255) is placed to error queue.
If there are more than 32000 samples to save – only the last 32000 are saved without any notification to the user.
:MEMory:DATA:RECord:NAME? [<Dataset Number>]
If optional <Dataset Number> parameter is specified – returns the name of corresponding dataset. If no parameter is specified – returns comma-separated list of all datasets names.
:MEMory:DATA:RECord:COUNt? [<Dataset Number>]
If optional <Dataset Number> parameter is specified – returns number of samples in corresponding dataset. If no parameter is specified – returns comma-separated list of samples number in each datasets.
:MEMory:DATA:RECord:SETTings? <Dataset Number>
Returns instrument settings used when corresponding dataset was saved. The format is the same as for :SYSTem:SET.
:MEMory:DATA:RECord:DELete <Dataset Number>
Erases corresponding datasets from flash.
:MEMory:DATA:RECord:FETCh:STARt <Dataset Number>
Sets fetching position for corresponding dataset to the first sample.
:MEMory:DATA:RECord:FETCh? <Dataset Number>
:MEMory:DATA:RECord:FETCh:ARRay? <Dataset Number>,(<Number of Samples>|MAXimum)
Commands for fetching samples. Behave in the same manner as FETCh? And FETCh:ARR?
  1.  Total Reset command now also erases Datasets stored on Flash.
  2. Module which is responsible for outputting results to bus was re-factored, speed of outputting blocks seems to increase.
  3. Text for battery option in *OPT? response and on About screen was changed from “BOB” to “Option 23”. About screen was changed: “Input C” label was changed to “Options”, now it displays not only prescaler options, but also battery option.


  1. Bug fixed: [:SENSe]:TIError and [:SENSe]:TOTalize SCPI trees required specifying :SENSe explicitly.

  2. Bug fixed: OCXO calibration time was 100 ms instead of 2.5 s.

  3. Bug fixed: settings being input via SCPI weren’t rounded to their resolution (for example: :SOURce:PULSe:WIDTh 39e-9 resulted in 30 ns HW setting but was displayed as 40 ns).

  4. Bug fixed: sending :ABORt before :FETC:ARR? MAX response has been fully output sometimes caused bus driver malfunction.

  5. Bug fixed: changing Math constant didn’t result in measurement abort and reinitialization.

  6. Bug fixed: sending :DISPlay:ENABle ON and invoking VISA viGpibControlREN to reset to local state (sequence sent when closing TimeView without disconnecting the instrument) often resulted in junk on the display and sometimes instrument hang.

  7. Bug fixed: GPIB GET with READ? as trigger command

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