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CNT-9x Firmware Release Notes 1.27

Firmware Version


Firmware Date


New Features

  1. Added commands tol configure timebase options names:
    • :SYSTem:CONFigure:TBASe:STANdard <Name>
      Default: Standard
    • :SYSTem:CONFigure:TBASe:OCXO19 <Name>
      Default: Option 19
    • :SYSTem:CONFigure:TBASe:OCXO30 <Name>
      Default: Option 30
    • :SYSTem:CONFigure:TBASe:OCXO40 <Name>
      Default: Option 40
    • :SYSTem:CONFigure:TBASe:LPFRS <Name>
      Default: Rubidium
    • :SYSTem:CONFigure:TBASe:SRO100 <Name>
      Default: Rubidium
    • :SYSTem:CONFigure:TBASe:X72 <Name>
      Default: Rubidium
  2. Added command to configure battery option name:
  • :SYSTem:CONFigure:BATTery:NAME <Name>
Default: Option 23
  1. Added command to configure the usage of Pendulum-specific model name postfix ( “R” in CNT-91R):
  • :SYSTem:CONFigure:POSTfix 0|1|ON|OFF
Default: ON
If set to OFF then no postfix to model name is appended. If ON, postfix is appended if Rubidium timebase option is installed.
  1. Total Reset now erases PUD (didn’t before)
  2. Command [:SENSe]:ACQuisition:COUNt? MAX added. It returns maximum number of samples that can be measured with current settings in non-overwrite mode.
  3. Upper limit for TIE Nominal Frequency is increased to 61 GHz (was 60 GHz).
  4. @ more digits is added to TIE Nominal Frequency in manual mode (now it is 4 digits in Auto mode and 6 in Manual). This is because some applications need more than 4 digits, but in some particular cases it is not good to have more than 4 in auto.


  1. Bug fixed: :SYST:INST:POW? Always returned AC, even if other power source was currently active.
  2. Bug fixed: 99% battery charge indication during last phase of charging process was on the display couple several days and didn’t come to 100% (last phase timer was set up to 40 hours instead of 4 h 15 min).
  3. Bug fixed: *PUD command with syntax errors in its parameter still affected the actual PUD value.
  4. Bug fixed: MEAS:MIN? and MEAS:MAX? commands didn’t set coupling to DC
  5. Bug fixed: extra formatting values for display reduced bus speed for certain settings.

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