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Version 5.1.2 disabled user-level access to internal services

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Version 5.1.2

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In order to prevent potential security vulnerabilities across networks when the three Gigabit Ethernet module is installed, the Software Update Version 5.1.2 disabled user-level access to certain internal services. 

Software versions 5.0.2 and below allowed a user to be able to login to the time server's CLI (Command Line Interface) via telnet or ssh for instance, and then connect out to another device via services such as telnet, FTP, SSH or SCP. 

Software Update Version 5.1.2 prevents a user from being able to connect out from the time server to other network devices, while still allowing other devices to be pinged from within the time server.  Also, as long as the login credentials are correct and the Services are enabled, users can still connect to the SecureSync from networked computers, using services such as FTP, SCP, telnet, SSH, etc. Connecting to the time server from an external device has not been changed with the version 5.1.2 update.

If a user tries to connect to another network device from within the time server (using a service such as telnet for instance) "Permission denied" will be displayed (as shown below):

User-level access denied

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