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GPS Information

Why is there a 1 second time error from my GPS reference

When GPS started broadcasting the leap second notification on July 19, 2016 for activation on Dec 31, some GPS timing receivers erroneously inserted the leap second resulting in a 1 second time error.

How Does a Leap Second Affect the GPS Signal

Leap seconds are added the UTC time scale to better align atomic time with solar time. The GPS time scale does not include the leap second "discontinuity" but the GPS interface specification defines how a GPS device is to accommodate the calculation to UTC during a leap second event.

Skylight SecureSync software update to versions newer than 4.7L

Skylight SecureSyncs with software version 4.7L installed cannot be software updated to versions newer than 4.7L without a factory hardware modification being performed on the SecureSync unit. For a small fee, the GPS receiver installed in the Skylight SecureSync can be replaced and a license key installed, thus allowing the SecureSync to be upgraded to software versions newer than 4.7L.

Troubleshooting Holdover

If a SecureSync or NetClock 9400 either loses all of its input reference or if the TFOM value ever exceeds the user-configurable MAXTFOM value, it will go into Holdover mode and assert the Holdover alarm (and the associated Minor alarm).

Specifying GPS RF splitters

Spectracom offers GPS splitters that can be used to share the GPS/GNSS signal from an antenna or a GPS RF generator/simulator with two, four, eight, or more GPS/GLONASS receivers at the same time

Mobile (Continuous) mode for TSync-PCIe boards

TSync-PCIe bus-level timing boards that are operated in mobile platforms (e.g., truck, airborne or marine platforms) and are synced to GPS, need their GPS receiver reconfigured for Mobile ("Continuous") mode.