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Netclock 9100 Series

Synchronizing Windows Computers

Microsoft Windows PCs (such as Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, etc) can be configured to sync to a Spectracom NTP time server. Many newer versions of Windows use the built-in "Windows Time Service (aka W32Time) for external time synchronization. Spectracom's "Synchronizing Windows Computers" Tech Note assists with configuring Windows computers..

How Does a Leap Second Affect My GPS Time Server

Spectracom GPS time servers automatically manage the leap second correction. They follow GPS, NTP, and PTP specifications so no user interaction is required. We recommend evaluation and testing your NTP clients' ability to correctly manage a leap second event.

Reporting the time offset between a Windows PC and NTP server

Windows w32tm has a utility called "stripchart" which can provide periodic (such as every two seconds by default) time differences between a Windows PC and an NTP server on the network. This can either be the same NTP server that it normally syncs with, or any other NTP server on the network.

Using Automachron to Test a Spectracom NTP Server

Automachron (freeware) is a great utility for testing the NTP output of a Spectracom NTP time server.