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Synchronizing Windows Computers

Microsoft Windows PCs (such as Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, etc) can be configured to sync to a Spectracom NTP time server. Many newer versions of Windows use the built-in "Windows Time Service (aka W32Time) for external time synchronization. Spectracom's "Synchronizing Windows Computers" Tech Note assists with configuring Windows computers..

NetClock 9200/9300 Account Password Configuration

Details on restrictions for the user account passwords

Reset the admin password for NetClock 9200 and 9300

If the NetClock Model 9300/9200 series time server's admin password is no longer known, it will need to be reset back to the factory default password to restore access. Software versions 3.6.0 and higher allow the admin password to be able to be reset via an RS-232 connection. Earlier versions of software (Versions 3.5.0 and below) require a Compact Flash card inside the time server be changed, to reset the password back to the default value.

Syncing Domain Controller with PresenTense, Clients with Windows Time

When using PresenTense software to sync a Windows network, typically all nodes are synced with PresenTense. However, it may be desired to sync just the Domain Controller (DC) to the NTP server using PresenTense software and to sync the Windows clients to the DC using the Windows Time Service. This can be done by installing PresenTense Client software on the Domain Controller and then modifying the Advanced Settings of the PresenTense Client software to allow PresenTense and Windows Time to work in conjunction with each other.

Front panel and Web User Interface show the IP address as ""

In Archive Software Versions 5.0.0 through 5.1.0, the IP address will be displayed as "" on the front panel and in the Web UI, if the corresponding Ethernet port (Eth0, and/or Eth1/Eth2/Eth3 – if installed) is not connected to a network hub, switch or a stand-alone PC. This indicates this Ethernet interface is currently "down" because its not detecting a connection to another network device (hub/switch or computer). Note: Archive software version 5.1.2 improves this indication by now also displaying the word "Unplugged" on the front panel and showing "Cable Unplugged" in the web browser.

Reset the spadmin account password

The spadmin account password, if not known, can be reset back to the factory default value using the time server's front panel LCD/keypad. The factory default password is "admin123" (case-sensitive). This is available in SecureSync and NetClock 9400 products only.