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Why is there a 1 second time error from my GPS reference

When GPS started broadcasting the leap second notification on July 19, 2016 for activation on Dec 31, some GPS timing receivers erroneously inserted the leap second resulting in a 1 second time error.

How to configure TSync-PCIe to generate interrupts at a set rate

The TSync-PCIe can be set to generate interrupts at a desired rate by using the General Purpose Output (GO)

Do I need an update when replacing a smart antenna for my TSAT or TSync?

This article applies to fielded bus-level timing boards that requires a replacement of the external GPS/GNSS antenna-receiver combination.

Alignment of 10MHz and 1PPS outputs

Except during power-up, there are always 10 million cycles of 10MHz between each 1PPS output.

Computer with PCI express timing card hangs on reset

A certain type of message without a data payload after a long idle period such as a reboot (such as a power management enable signal) from a computer's PCI express controller to the Spectracom TSync-PCIe timing card can prevent the OS from booting up, or cause the card to 'disappear' from the OS

Mobile (Continuous) mode for TSync-PCIe boards

TSync-PCIe bus-level timing boards that are operated in mobile platforms (e.g., truck, airborne or marine platforms) and are synced to GPS, need their GPS receiver reconfigured for Mobile ("Continuous") mode.

Premium Breakout cable for TSync timing boards

Information regarding the available Premium Breakout cable that can be purchased for TSync timing boards

Labview driver/wrapper for the TSync-PCIe boards

Currently there is no Labview wrapper available for the TSync-PCIe timing boards for interfacing with programs such as Labview. Nor are there are any plans at this time to release one. However, a custom wrapper can be created, as required.

Certificate of volatility for the TSync-PCIe timing boards

Certificate of volatility/memory sanitization for TSync-PCIe boards