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TimeView Clocks

TimeView Digital Display Clock has Blinking Seconds

TimeView digital display clocks have a built-in failure indicator. If the seconds portion of the display is blinking, either the display clock is not synced to the Spectracom NetClock or the NetClock is not in sync to its primary input (typically GPS satellites).

TimeView Display Clock has Blank or Abnormal Display

A TimeView digital display clock with either a blank or abnormal display may have a low voltage input from its external power pack. Using a DC multimeter, the power pack's output voltage should be measured, first with the power pack disconnected from the display clock and again with it connected (under load), if the voltage was normal when it was not plugged into the display clock.

TimeView Display Clock is Not Showing All Segments

If a TimeView display clock has recently been connected to a Spectracom NetClock, and some of the segments aren't lit (such as hours and minutes are displayed but the seconds portion is dark, OR the seconds portion is displayed but the hours and minutes section is dark), the NetClock's Remote output is likely configured to output more than one Data Format.